The Farm



Our family farm at Mount Pelion, just 35 minutes from Mackay and 45 Minutes from Proserpine, is run using bio-dynamic, organic farming methods.


Our hens are 'pasture raised', meaning they nest and sleep in moveable 'caravans', ensuring they always forage in fresh pasture. Although naturally, a chicken's main diet is grain, the insects and leafy greens from the pasture provide them with a 'bonus' abundance of micronutrients.


These micronutrients not only give our eggs a beautiful 'golden' orange yolk, but also a delicious flavour and higher nutrient content than a standard free range egg.

Golden Yolk Whitsunday's-73.JPG
Golden Yolk Whitsunday's-23.JPG

The 'Girls' 

Our 'red' hens are lovingly cared for just like backyard chickens.


They have completely free access to pasture for daylight hours unlike some other 'free range' hens which may never actually leave the barn due to crowding and false 'daylight' lighting systems.



Our property is farmed using organic, bio-dynamic farming practices which treats the soil, plants and animals as an inter-related system.


We rotate our pastures with soil improving crops acting as feed for cattle which are then moved on to allow the hens to forage the ground cover, spread the cow manure and re-fertilize with their own droppings.


The chickens are moved weekly to allow the pasture to regrow through a soil bed enriched with natural fertilizers from the cattle and hen manure.

Golden Yolk Whitsunday's-89.JPG



PROOF Certified

What does PROOF Certification mean?

All Livestock are raised outdoors with continuous and unrestricted daytime access to paddocks that are suitable for grazing and are provided with shade and shelter.  


All animals must use the paddocks each day, unless they choose to shelter because of inclement weather.  


Animals are kept at a stocking intensity that will ensure forage is always available in an actively managed rotational grazing system.

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